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HPE GreenLake for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

Know all about how HPE GreenLake for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform offers aaS cloud experience for your on-premises container deployments, along with on-demand capacity.

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Red Hat OpenShift

HPE GreenLake for Red Hat OpenShift provides Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) validated integrated systems wrapped in HPE GreenLake services. This solution offers an as-a-service (aaS) cloud experience for your on-premises container deployments using an HPE validated architecture and Red Hat’s OpenShift container environment. In addition, HPE as your cloud experience provider and technical one-stop support specialist can now be more confident about the OpenShift experience.

The HPE GreenLake for Red Hat OpenShift cloud experience provides on-demand capacity, combining the agility and economics of the public cloud with the security and performance of on-premises IT. When you purchase this service, you can accelerate digital transformation with cloud benefits of fast deployment, scalability, and pay-per-use1 economics—all within your control and your choice of on-premises or colocation environment. HPE gives you an integrated OCP built on the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform that incorporates compute, storage, and networking, to run applications and workloads on the OCP.

HPE GreenLake for Red Hat OpenShift delivers a service option with a managed infrastructure aaS. It provides a preconfigured, integrated system with your choice of cloud module instances, services for startup, advanced configuration, and ongoing support for the completed system. In addition, an account team is assigned and acts as the Customer’s advocate and operational and/or technical focal point for support.

The service also includes monitoring and alerting of issues, patches, and advisories that could impact the Customer’s integrated system environment. The Customer is primarily responsible for proactive monitoring, managing, and operating the integrated system with HPE support.

This data sheet and the service features describe the high-level components of HPE GreenLake for Red Hat OpenShift. The scope of available service options is tailored to your selected requirements and is detailed in a mutually agreed-upon and implemented statement of work (SOW) and is not available for purchase separately. Any defined terms used in this data sheet will have the meaning ascribed to them in this document or the HPE GreenLake terms.

Service Benefits

The service is designed to provide the following benefits:

  • A complete solution including scalable infrastructure, software, and services
  • Faster time to value with industry leading HPE systems, storage, and network platforms
  • Industry-leading Red Hat OCP
  • Simplified IT with implementation, support, and monitoring; with operations and management options
  • Convenient, pay-per-use billing based on metered usage; includes storage, container, and compute units of measure
  • Cloud-like flexibility to meet business needs

Service Feature

HPE GreenLake for Red Hat OpenShift provides the following:

  • Relationship management
  • HPE GreenLake integrated system
  • Service implementation
  • IT service management
  • System operations and administration

HPE GreenLake Integrated System

HPE GreenLake integrated system for Red Hat OpenShift is purpose-built for deploying the OCP solution based on validated configurations. The solution is modular, flexible, and factory built. It can be used to run most common needs that correspond to the OpenShift capabilities and technical use cases such as application modernization, cloud-native applications, and workload consolidation.

HPE GreenLake leverages pre-defined, tested, optimized, and validated cloud modules for OpenShift, delivering fast time to value to our Customers. The solution is designed to provide reliable solid performance and high availability while offering various configurable options such as cloud module instances.

HPE GreenLake cloud module features

  • Compute
    • Compute instance code: C2apd
    • Storage type: SSD
    • RAW capacity: 1.6 TB
    • Memory: 512 GB
    • CPU: 2 x AMD EPYC 2.8 GHz 32 core
    • GPU: NA
  • Storage
    • Storage instance code: Bs2
    • RAW capacity options: Choose 1: 25 TB, 50 TB, 100 TB, 150 TB
  • Network module
  • Integrated system management plane
  • Platform software: Red Hat OpenShift OS, HPE OneView, and HPE Aruba Networking Fabric Composer

HPE metering

To measure infrastructure consumption, HPE GreenLake for Red Hat OpenShift solution uses three units of measure:

  • OpenShift: OCP bare-metal subscriptions
    • Only applies to the compute instances used as Red Hat OpenShift worker nodes
  • Compute: Per core—Measures the average number of cores used per day
    • Measures the average number of cores averaging more than 3% CPU consumption per day
    • Only applies to the compute instances used as Red Hat OpenShift worker nodes
  • Storage: HPE Alletra 6000 usable GiB
    • The amount of RAW storage needed to store Customer-written data and provide data redundancy
    • Only applies to the storage instances, does not apply to compute instances


  • Offered as a single rack solution for data center deployment
  • Minimum three worker instances ordered that will be shipped with rack / PDUs / network modules and a management plane
  • Available configurations are 3, 6, 12, or 16 worker nodes
  • Add node option up to maximum 16 nodes (increments of 3 or more)

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