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HPE GreenLake for VMware Cloud Foundation

HPE GreenLake with VMware Cloud Foundation and HPE Synergy delivers a composable private cloud as-a-service solution that can expand to hybrid. Two-page brief for use with customers.

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Meet any SLA and lower risk

Consistent hybrid cloud experience

HPE GreenLake believe it is time to consider a more conscious path to cloud transformation – to be open to the opportunities and options that a hybrid cloud approach offers.

All too often technologists consider cloud adoption as predefined, yes or no option – either full scale public cloud adoption or not. Public cloud is only one instantiation of modern cloud native technology and other options are available. A consciously hybrid approach recognises the value that each of those options brings in a pragmatic and strategic way

In the last 12 months, we have been investigating the culture of cloud and the findings are surprising. The nuances and complexities of cloud decision making are shrouded in biases, human behaviour and the trend of simply ‘doing what everyone else is doing’.

We conducted extensive research and gathered insights from thought leaders, technologists and subject matter experts. Almost all agreed that the term ‘cloud’ has become clouded and there is no one size fits all. HPE and VMware are on a mission to demystify cloud and offer cloud solutions designed to achieve your outcomes, fit with your infrastructure, provide stability and security and enable innovation as we proceed into the era of hybrid cloud.

To deliver a single consistent cloud experience across public and private clouds, HPE GreenLake offers VMware Cloud Foundation™ and HPE Synergy as a service. With this tightly integrated solution, you can keep your apps, tools, and data in place while achieving the benefits of cloud – without major application rewrites or data migration.

Your organisation will benefit from the agility and speed of a fully composable IT infrastructure, as well as the ability to shift resources from managing infrastructure to driving innovation. And because this is an as-a-service offering, you pay for only the resources you actually use (above a reserve).

As a service delivers more of what you need

Pay-per-use economics

Flexible, self-service, consumption-based model based on metered usage of HPE Synergy running VMware Cloud Foundation, powered by Intel Xeon Scalable processors

Faster value

Delivers additional 5x faster deployment time with HPE tools shortens the time to deploy global IT projects by 75%

Simplified IT

Fully managed and supported with capacity delivered ahead of demand

Proper control

Find your right mix of cloud for your workloads, gain control over performance, compliance, data sovereignty, security


Compose resources to dynamically configure them to meet the needs of VMware Cloud Foundation workloads and scale when needed

Solution details

VMware Cloud Foundation

Modern applications require adaptive infrastructures designed to support all of their components, not a restrictive subset. Without an adaptive infrastructure, IT operators often struggle to provide the services that developers and applications require. For example:

  • IT operators must ensure the right infrastructure is correctly deployed and configured.
  • Provisioning resources is difficult due to infrastructure silos managed by different teams, such as servers, storage, and networking.
  • Data security is a constant worry; isolating modern apps from sensitive databases is difficult.
  • Inconsistent operations and crossfunctional workflows add complexity to the environment.

VMware Cloud Foundation is designed to relieve these obstacles by creating a universal hybrid cloud platform for both modern and traditional applications. VMware Cloud Foundation is characterised by:

  • Developer-ready infrastructure – Automated, full-stack infrastructure and developer-ready APIs
  • Universal platform – A single platform for VMs and containers
  • Embedded Kubernetes runtime environment (Tanzu) – For container orchestration to simplify and speed application development, deployment, and ongoing operations
  • Application-focused management – Simplified management using namespaces to manage application resources
  • Foundation for hybrid cloud – Extending the same software stack in the public cloud

HPE Synergy

Built from the ground up for composable infrastructure. Through a single interface, HPE Synergy, powered by Intel Xeon Scalable processors, composes physical and virtual compute, storage, and fabric pools into any configuration for any application. As an extensible platform, it easily enables a broad range of applications and operational models such as virtualisation, hybrid cloud, and DevOps.

Tightly Integrated Management

To streamline lifecycle management across the hypervisor and the complete stack of drivers and firmware for the servers in your data centre, VMware developed the VMware Lifecycle Manager (vLCM). This innovative solution consolidates the tools required for hardware and software updates, eliminating the need for update tools from individual server vendors.

HPE simplifies lifecycle management even further by delivering the HPE OneView Hardware Support Manager plug-in for vLCM. Integrated with HPE OneView for VMware vCenter, the HPE OneView Hardware Support Manager plug-in provides many valuable benefits:

Simplified one-click lifecycle management for the VMware ESXi hypervisor and the full stack of drivers and firmware, directly from the VMware vSphere user interface (UI)

  • Consistent and repeatable method for keeping ESXi clusters compliant and up to date
  • Support for any HPE Gen10 server certified for ESXi 7.0

Take the next steps

Take the next steps

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