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HPE GreenLake Edge

Control and harness data across edge to cloud

Is your data disconnected and siloed? Is your world moving to the edge? Do you worry that your data is growing exponentially and the more you have the more out of control it feels?

When you can control and harness data across edge to cloud, so much becomes possible, allowing you to successfully innovate at the edge. That is where data becomes insights, in real time. That is a connected edge, wisely done.

Act on your data, wherever it lives

Unify your data at the edge by securely and seamlessly integrating all your apps and infrastructure. Securely access your data wherever it lives, eliminating migration headaches. Go from edge to cloud with the flexibility to scale when you need.

What is the edge?
By 2025 50% of enterprise-managed data will be created and processed at the edge. Get answers to your most pressing questions from edge experts.
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How to act on your data wherever it lives

Acting on your data wherever it lives means focusing on reducing the latency, cost and inefficiencies of processing edge data. Huge volumes of data is generated from a range of devices at the edge. Enable complete data access with a networking model that integrates into your edge infrastructure. By connecting from edge to cloud with AI-powered automation and built-in security you will be closer to acting on your data, no matter where it resides.

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Enable data access wherever it lives

Deliver quality experiences for users and IT, wherever your apps reside, with the visibility, security, and control from HPE Aruba Networking EdgeConnect SD-WAN.

The wireless network for your future

Boost IT, user and IoT experiences with next-gen APs. Build scalable network for ever-increasing capacity demands.

Extend your network across edge to cloud

A smarter, more secure edge is closer than you think. Connect users, Wi-Fi APs and IoT devices to scale and manage deployments with ease.

Real-time insights

Do you want to be able to use real-time insights to make strategic decisions? If you do, then an edge-to-cloud architecture with AI can give you real time intelligence. An intelligent edge environment may just give you the competitive advantage you seek.

Real-time insights provide competitive edge
Data is everywhere, and smart businesses are constantly finding new ways of using that data to drive results. Your on-premises data must work seamlessly with your cloud-native data, so you can maximize efficiencies. Learn how you can get better business value from your data.
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How to get real time insights

Making your apps run better and being able to analyze data, no matter where it lives is critical for being able to act on real time insights. Improving performance will accelerate edge workloads by getting faster responses from apps and managing all sources of data. This will make it possible to control and harness data, so that you can make smart decisions from real time insights.

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Analyze data where it’s created

Analyze file, object, database, and streaming data with a unified global experience for data scientists, engineers and analysts.

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Bring performance to your apps & data

Bring compute to your data for real-time analytics at the edge and step-up security to accelerate insights and value.

Balancing business priorities

When you need to balance your competing priorities and scale, or move rapidly from concept to value realization, then the edge becomes critical. This is where your data lives, your people work, and where business happens. A connected edge strategy will help create the value your business is looking for.

Getting your edge priorities right
To best take advantage of the digital edge, start by doing three basic things: Understand your business goals, choose technologies that serve those goals, and move to an operating model that connects the two.
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How to balance business priorities

How to balance business priorities has changed, because now your people work, data lives and your business happens, at the edge. The volume of data being generated at the edge is vast. To optimize your edge deployments you need to deploy, use, and manage networks better, and empower your remote workforce, securely. You want to only pay for what you deploy and have the flexibility to scale as your needs change. HPE can help you streamline your operations and achieve the balance of your business priorities.

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Network as a service

Procure, deploy and operate your network efficiently. Securely connect your infrastructure to enhance performance.

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Align budget to business

Choose the right edge infrastructure and consumption model without losing control of your IT priorities and budget.

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Ease data migration headaches

Moving data is not only costly and complex but it is a huge headache managing all the necessary considerations for data placement and portability. Choose seamless connection over needless migration. Get the cloud experience wherever your data lives.

Your edge, your future
Edge systems are about taking action where data is created, and that requires a new architecture, a new way of thinking, and expertise.
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How to ease data migration headaches

To ease data migration headaches, you have to build an effective foundation to manage and unify your data from across multiple sites. By freeing your data from silos, you can create seamless connections and remove unnecessary migration. Understanding how you can connect your data from edge to cloud makes transformation possible and removes the pain of data migration.

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Take action wherever your data is generated

Get visibility into your distributed enterprise with a centralized platform that automates data management, governance and security. Access your data, edge to cloud.

Explore HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric  

Explore HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric

Accelerate and maximize your digital transformation. Work with HPE to identify your digital future.

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HPE GreenLake, the edge-to-cloud platform

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