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Virtualization Solutions

Solutions that help you optimize your network virtualized infrastructure in your data center so you can innovate with speed.

Virtualization technology modernizes your infrastructure

You have reaped the benefits of virtualization technology to lower cost and unleash efficiency. Now, modernize your virtualization across your entire data center to drive even greater speed and efficiency.

HPE Greenlake

Next-generation data center virtualization technology solutions

It’s no longer enough to just virtualize. Innovations such as software-defined composable and hyperconverged infrastructures, and hybrid cloud solutions can help you manage and streamline your operations so you can accelerate your business with confidence

Elevate HCI from software-defined to AI-driven

Leverage an innovative and scalable solution that harnesses the power and intelligence of HPE Infosight.

Explore Hyperconverged  

Increase efficiency with network virtualization technology

Enrich data center virtualization technology with modern architectures designed for server and storage virtualization.

Speed cloud transformation with virtualization technology

Define a strategy for speed and flexibility. Provide self-service access to resources across all your clouds.

Explore cloud  

Get it as a cloud service

HPE GreenLake offers you a pay-per-use solution for on-premises virtualization.

Cloud backup done right

It’s time to do cloud backup right with HPE Cloud Volumes Backup, a brand new enterprise cloud backup service that simply moves your backup infrastructure to the cloud. Recover and run your applications in the cloud provider of your choice with HPE Cloud Volumes.

HPE Greenlake Test Drive

Experience HPE GreenLake cloud services

Take HPE GreenLake for a no-cost, no-obligation test drive. This guided, hands-on experience allows you to explore cloud services in a live production environment.

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